2023 Metabolism Reset: 16 Day Transformation Program-BEGINS JANUARY 9TH

Recharge, Revive & Calibrate Your Hormones


Are you a man or woman over 35 who's

  • Experiencing weight-loss resistance?

  • Feeling irritable, sad, or anxious?

  • Experiencing intense cravings for sugar, salt, junk food, and carbs?

  • Struggling with your sleep?
  • Feeling puffy and bloated?
  • Experiencing brain fog and low energy?
  • Lost your edge and mental focus?
  • Prone to headaches/migraines?
  • Dealing with skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, etc.
  • Dealing with PMS or PCOS (women)?
  • Been diagnosed Pre Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Elevated triglycerides/ LDL, Low, HDL, or High Blood Pressure, OR has a fasting glucose over 100 mg/dl?
  • Dealing with achy joints/sore muscles?

Hormones control just about every part of your life – from how you function at work, energy, mood, and weight loss to how you sleep at night!

When your hormones become depleted and unbalanced, chaos begins to happen in the body. This "CHAOS" has a cascading effect inside the body, creating inflammation, accelerated aging, weight-loss resistance, and chronic fatigue to name a few.

The GREAT news is that the body has the ability to heal itself, by itself, if we only just "GET OUT OF THE WAY" and allow healing to begin.


WHAT: Metabolism Reset: 16-Day Transformation Program naturally manages your body’s three most important hormones – insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin, keeping your body in a fat-loss environment.

This Innovative LIFESTYLE & DIETARY PROTOCOL is good for men and women of all ages (18 AND OLDER) HOWEVER IT is the answer for women in the stages of Peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

The benefits INCLUDE:

  • Newfound confidence and taking back your power.
  • Boosts your metabolism and optimizes your hormones, allowing your body to efficiently burn fat for energy. In fact, it trains your body to burn fat!
  • Stabilizes blood sugar and makes you insulin sensitive, so you don’t have to worry as much about high blood sugar, weight gain, and various menopausal symptoms—especially hot flashes (one cause of which is insulin resistance).
  • Tames hunger pains – no more giving in to cravings.
  • It naturally detoxifies your body from pollutants, chemicals, and hormone disruptors that keep you from losing weight.
  • Supports the health of practically every organ in your body, including your heart, brain, bones, sexual organs, gut, and skin.

WHEN: JANUARY 8th through 25th 2023.

  • Sunday, January 8th, 2023 --KICK-OFF ON-BOARDING ZOOM CALL 7:00 PM-8:00 PM EST--Zoom details provided upon registration. (THIS CALL WILL BE RECORDED)
  • Wednesday, January 25th, 2023--CLOSING ZOOM CALL--12:00 PM EST--Zoom details provided upon registration. (THIS CALL WILL BE RECORDED).


  • Personalized supplement recommendations based on your individual needs. (supplements not included).
  • Guidance on how to maximize metabolic health using a CGM (continue glucose monitor-not included and optional for the program).
  • 16 days of what-to-eat instructions (including a version for vegetarians and vegans).
  • The 16 best metabolic foods and recipes that include them!
  • A 16-hour intermittent-fasting strategy;
  • 16-minute HIIT exercise routine-the goldilocks amount for women over 35.
  • Simple, program breakdown for beginner, intermediate and advanced protocols based on individual needs.
  • Two meal options: Simple, no recipe meal templates OR simple and delicious metabolic recipes to follow. You can mix and match based on your personal needs.
  • Daily education videos about optimizing liver function and how to detox your body on a daily basis.
  • Daily coaching and support videos via FACEBOOK private coaching group.
  • A month of Metabolic Workouts: Three exciting ways to access my classes--In Studio, LIVE ZOOM, or Recorded Fitness Library (on your own time) for the month of January.
  • Unlimited coaching support
  • Lifestyle Options post RESET, including the 90/10 Flexible Eating Template
  • Companion discounts: Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one interested in joining you? They'll receive $15 off their program. **Only applies to new clients. USE discount code: COMPANION (Offer Expires 12/31/22)


Do I need to purchase a CGM (Continous glucose monitor)?

You don’t need a CGM to complete this program, however, I HIGHLY recommend using one if you have any hormone imbalances or nagging peri or post menopause symptoms, weight loss resistance, or anxiety. All of these signs play a huge role in glucose management and stabilizing glucose spikes throughout the day. Even if you have “perfect blood work”, it’s incredibly common to suffer from blood sugar variability during the day. When you “SEE” it in real-time in your body, you will have the awareness to change how you eat, what you eat, and how to time your food.

This can also personalize your nutrition too-identifying which carbohydrates, even the healthy ones that spike your glucose levels.

Each pack includes ONE sensor which lasts for 14 days. You only need 1 sensor, however, some people prefer a month's supply to see how your lifestyle is serving your overall hormonal health. If it’s in your budget, go for 2.

One sensor pack

Two sensors packs-discounted

I should also mention that if your NP or PCP is willing to write you a script for a Libre, you can get is FREE for 14 days. I have some clients that have had your doctors write them this, while others do not. It doesn’t hurt to ask. For more info on this, click here.

What if I don't want the exercise portion, is the price the same?

Yes. I put countless hours into content creation, plus the ongoing daily support throughout the program is included in the program cost.

What kind of results can I expect in 16 days?

We are all unique and depending upon where your body is at in his/her healing journey will determine your results. That said, regardless of how much weight you need to lose or how severe your symptoms are, EVERYONE will experience increased energy, up to 2.5 inches lost in your waist, improved sleep, improved digestion, more empowerment to maintain a healthy lifestyle, higher cognitive function, up to 16 pounds of inflammatory weight-loss and a new lease on life!

Is this hard to follow?

Hard is all about perspective and this is quite simple. You will be eating satisfying foods that combat cravings and hunger pains, so you won't ever feel hungry. When I think of hard, my mind wanders to a devastating health diagnosis, a debilitating injury, or the loss of a loved one;-) You can do this for 16 days, I know you can!

Do we need to purchase any special supplememnts?

Only if you need to optimize micronutrient stores due to your current lifestyle and medications. I provide you with a questionnaire on what you'd need based on the current signs and symptoms you are experiencing. If you'd prefer not to take any supplements, that is ok too-you just may not get optimal results.

Why is a low carb diet best for women dealing with hormonal issues or metabolic issues?

As we age, the body becomes more insulin resistant and at the same time, our protective hormones, estrogen, and progesterone become skewed due to high-stress levels, poor diet, and lack of sleep.

What will I be eating on the RESET protocol?

This protocol is rooted in a real food philosophy. There are no processed or refined foods filled with sugars and vegetable oils. You will be consuming a low carbohydrate (40 net carbs) high healthy fat diet with a variety of healthy animal proteins, vegetables, herbs, spices, sea salt, pepper, and some fruits.

Are the fitness classes included in this program?

YES! The LIVE ZOOM, STUDIO CLASSES & APP LIBRARY are all included for the month of January.