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Elevate: Upgrade & Optimize $289

Breakthrough weight-loss plateaus, stop dieting, start living, learn what foods work best with your body.

This package is for you if:

  • You've hit a weight loss plateau
  • You are exercising consistently and believe that your diet supports your goals, yet the weight won't budge
  • You are restricting yourself with a low-calorie diet

What you'll get:

  • (1) 75-minute in-depth intake session + uncover food story+set Thrive 9 goals+actions steps +curate your plan based on your individual needs.
  • (1) 50- minute two weeks later with specific action steps moving forward + unlimited text and email support for 30 days.
  • Access to my private coaching portal with detailed session notes, recipes, health articles, a digital journal system, and tips for sustainable results.
  • Unlimited chat support throughout our coaching relationship.
  • Unlimited Small Group Personal Training via studio classes, live zoom, or recorded zoom workouts.

What you will discover and learn :

  • Discover your unique biochemical nutrition blueprint by conducting delicious Thrive food experiments to help you find the best foods for your unique body and personal tastes.
  • Learn how to optimize & alkalize your body and raise your internal PH so your body is primed for fat-loss and detoxification
  • Learn how to optimize fat loss with delicious and satisfying recipes
  • Learn how to burn body fat, increase muscle and turn up the metabolism in less than 15 minutes a day
  • Signature Thrive recipes tailored towards your unique body blueprint
  • Unlimited text or email support during our coaching relationship for 30 days
  • Determine if additional coaching is needed after Elevate.
  • 1-month unlimited small group Personal Training in person or via live/recorded zoom.