Letter From the Founder

Meet Christine Skrypzak: Fitness Professional, Functional Nutrition Therapist, Health Coach, Mom

Self-care is healthcare and great health will set you free!

I'm a busy working mom who understands the challenges we face with trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are you confused about health, fitness & nutrition?

You should be. There are over 150,000 diet books available on Amazon, all touting the best way to eat and exercise. I'll help you remove all of the noise associated with food, self-care, and fitness while helping you reach your ideal set weight. Allow me to help re-educate you and simplify your personalized lifestyle plan while keeping you accountable and motivated every step of the way!

As a certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner with 32 years of field experience, I’ve been through the trenches myself.

Having been an emotional eater as an adolescent and growing up on the SAD (Standard American Diet) my health and weight suffered tremendously. As a reformed sugar addict, calorie counter, and over-exercising maniac, I've found satisfaction knowing that by adhering to the 7 pillars, I can still enjoy occasional cocktails, artisan pizza, chocolate, chips, and guacamole with simple bio-hacking tactics.

After a horrific automobile accident in 1999, I shattered my right arm, almost losing the arm altogether. My amazing surgeon salvaged my arm, however, it left me with extensive damage, internal hardware, and limited range of motion. My prognosis was that he wanted me to be able to tie my shoes and use kitchen utensils. He told me that I would eventually develop osteoarthritis and become a slave to pain medication for the rest of my life.

I refused to believe that was going to be my story and fortunately, it didn't. Over 23 years later I live 100% pain-free, without any medication, and enjoy an incredibly active lifestyle as well.

I've taken my own personal experience combined, with my Integrative Health & Nutrition education and developed a simple, personalized formula for achieving glowing health and effortless fat loss without making you feel overwhelmed by the process.

I believe that food and self-care dictate everything, and fundamentally is the most important aspect of your life.

Health is all-encompassing, it's not all about nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. It's the sum of many moving parts such as sleep, sunshine, connecting with others, stress management, detoxification, hydration, fitness, hobbies, and lots of vitamin LOVE. Come join me as I take you on the best and most important journey of your life-self care!

Your friend and coach,


Christine Skrypzak, MS, CPT, CNC, CHHC, CSCS Founder & Creator