Burn: Incorporate Daily Movement Into Your Life


According to the National Institute of Health, sitting is the new smoking and sadly, the average American does more sitting than moving on a daily basis.

Raise your hand if you move your body daily?

Walk, hike, run,...


One of the biggest fitness and fat-loss misconceptions is that you MUST workout out for an hour a day for fat-loss.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Whenever I consult with a new client they are surprised that I don't prescribe daily, one hour workouts to...


My ankle strength saved me from a leg fracture this week, this is what the paramedic told me.

A crazy thing happened to me on Monday.

I was away on vacation and after walking out of the restaurant after dinner I stepped on an unsecured drainage hole and fell through. My left leg...


Forever fat-loss, longevity and vibrant health is simple, however we LOVE to over-complicate it with calorie counting, excessive exercise, deprivation and starvation.

That is SO 80's and SO outdated.

This antiquated...