The 5 guiding principles of the Burn Method Whole Health & Fitness are the keys to unlock your greatest potential and life satisfaction. I invite you to examine each of these principles and see what areas need some TLC. What you will find is that when your guiding principles are not balanced, it may drive unhealthy behaviors such as binge eating, drinking, shopping, gambling etc.




Listen to your body, soul & intuition; it's always talking to you, sending you signals, nudges, and messages. Food cravings, for example, can be emotional or physiological. Emotional cravings bubble up when our lives are off-kilter and unbalanced. Work, home-life, finances, friendships, hobbies even playtime are all critical elements that makeup YOU. When your life is unbalanced, you'll eat (or drink, shop, gamble etc) to check out and numb the pain. Physiological cravings stem from unbalanced nutrition or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Take the time to tune in, listen and observe.



Live your best life and become the best version of you, not someone else. Ditch the scale friends and focus on inch loss! Forget about the unrealistic expectations that society puts on us, and focus on working with what you already have, because you are beautiful and fabulous just the way you are. It's incredibly liberating to let go of perfection and JUST focus on polishing the diamond you already are.



We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. We are all unique and possess certain qualities that make our light shine bright and feel whole as a human being. When we don't tap into these qualities and focus too much on one aspect of our lives, we become run down, unhappy and unfulfilled. There are SIX areas of our lives (LOVE BUCKETS) that when fully enriched and "dialed in" you'll create the greatest life satisfaction.

  • Personal & Professional Relationships + Strengthen and develop happy & healthy professional and personal relationships. Dump the toxic friends and energy vampires. Foster and strengthen the relationships that lift you, support you and make you feel safe.
  • Fitness & Movement + We were born and designed to move the body daily. Our ancestors hunted, gathered, farmed, built villages and moved constantly. They didn't commute to work and sit...


Continue to grow and evolve as a person, becoming the best version of you. Always stay curious and ask great questions. Read, because knowledge is power. Learn from your mistakes and remember that it's never a failure but an opportunity for growth and a higher level of personal development!



Fitness is only 20% of the lifestyle equation; the real magic happens outside of the gym, it starts in the home and is a result of how you live, a.k.a, your lifestyle. Find a daily movement practice you love that you can sustain for a lifetime. People think that fitness has to be masochistic for it to be beneficial; that is hardly the case. Fitness is meant to keep the body mobile, injury-free and lean and it's supposed to be fun too!