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The  Burn  Method  by Christine Skrypzak

When orthopedic stretching, strength training, HIIT, pilates, barre & yoga and functional nutrition had a baby, the Burn Method was born.

  • 54 yr. old female
  • Paula.pdf_transformation.jpg
  • 54 yr old female
  • Kathy's Health & Weight-Loss Transformation: 20 inches and 20 lb + HEALTH GAIN!
  • 90 Day Evolution! 7 lb. and 6.5 inches lost!

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Functional Fitness

Exercise has a purpose. To keep the body lean, flexible and strong. To prevent injuries & accelerated aging of the body. To keep you interested for a lifetime and prevent weight-loss plateaus.


Functional Nutrition

Diet and lifestyle are responsible for 80% of your body transformation, leaving only 20% for exercise itself. We all have different nutritional needs. This is called bio-chemical individuality. I have developed & tested meal plans that will help heal your body based on your current health situation. From pregnancy to high cholesterol, your unique needs are evaluated and then a specific dietary prescription is recommended based on your current health situation.



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Looking for home fitness solutions and recipes that blast fat? I have you covered!