We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. We are all unique and possess certain qualities that make our light shine bright and feel whole as human beings. When we don't tap into these qualities and focus too much on one aspect of our lives, we become run down, unhappy, and unfulfilled. There are SIX areas of our lives (LOVE BUCKETS) that create harmony, optimal health, and a sense of purpose. When these areas are fully enriched and "dialed in", you will create the greatest life satisfaction.

  • Personal & Professional Relationships + Strengthen and develop happy & healthy professional and personal relationships. Dump the toxic friends and energy vampires. Foster and strengthen the relationships that lift you, support you, and make you feel safe.
  • Fitness & Movement + We were born and designed to move the body daily. Our ancestors hunted, gathered, farmed, built villages, and moved constantly. They didn't commute to work and sit at a desk for eight hours, then try to undo the week by hitting the gym for an hour on the weekends. Nope, that doesn't cut it. You need to find a daily movement practice that you enjoy and can sustain daily for a lifetime. You need daily walks to keep the spine mobile and the body supple; combine that with a simple strength practice that keeps the body strong and injury-free and have FUN during the process.
  • Whole Foods Diet + Food. Is. Everything. Food is medicine and your kitchen is the pharmacy. Real food is minimally processed and comes from nature and the offerings change seasonally. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, pastured and humanely raised animals, wild fish, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and legumes should be the foundation of our diet, with plants taking the leading role. The food you eat becomes our cells, muscles, tissues, bones, organs, and muscles. How are you nourishing your body? Consider that what you eat, you will become. If you are eating junk food, you'll always be in a junk mood (hangry). Food is so powerful that it can either heal a disease or promote one. Start eating real food and watch the magic unfold.
  • Personal Finances + Health is true wealth and prevention is power. Spend within your means, keep your debt manageable and plan for the future, regardless of your income level. Psychologists at the University of Rochester surveyed a group of recent graduates, noting their achievements and their level of happiness over the course of two years. Their goals were divided into two categories: extrinsic (things like wealth, fame, and personal image) and intrinsic (for example, meaningful relationships, health, and personal growth). Researchers' statistical analysis revealed achieving intrinsic goals led to higher self-esteem and a greater sense of well-being, whereas attaining the extrinsic goals of wealth and fame led to anxiety and unhappiness. What is more important to you? Financial freedom and security or living in a $500,000 home and living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Playtime & Hobbies + All work and no play makes Jack & Jill an unhappy couple. The American culture has spiraled out of control and we are working longer and harder than ever, becoming burnt out and resentful. Life-work balance is essential for living a happy and fulfilled life. Make sure you allow for daily downtime for fun or a hobby. Whether you enjoy a game of tennis with a friend or something more cerebral like a book club-carve out some time for yourself every day. Your happiness will improve immensely.
  • Passion & Purpose + What makes your heart sing and brings you joy? If you are lucky enough to discover this early on in life, it often results in a career or passion project that gives your life true meaning. For me, changing people's lives and helping people reach personal goals gives me the greatest life satisfaction. Every day I wake up I feel empowered and energized, excited that I have another opportunity to influence and change someone's life. Your purpose and passion may not be connected to your career, it may involve another aspect of your life like volunteering, working with animals, or helping out at your child's school. Take the time to dial in and see what really makes your heart sing and weak in your knees; it is ready to be unleashed so the world can benefit from it too.
  • Spirituality + Explore and develop a spiritual practice that resonates with your soul. Spirituality is all-encompassing and can mean something different for everyone and THAT. IS OK. For some it may be participating in organized religion, daily prayer, meditation, daily walks in nature, reading scriptures, or even yoga. Spirituality allows us to connect with something that is greater than us and makes us feel safe, whole, and one with the universe. Often times we are raised in households that have specific expectations of us when it comes to organized religion; my hope is that we can have the freedom to experiment with different types of spiritual practices without guilt or resentment from our loved ones.

Examine your love buckets and determine where you have deficits and which are overflowing.

  • Create an action plan for creating more balance and your life.
  • Work on one love bucket at a time and build from them.
  • Once you are balanced, it will ebb and flow with your life and that is OK-now you'll have a better understanding of why you are stressed and how to mitigate it properly.

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