25 Days of Christmas 5 Minute Fitness Challenge-Day 1

Wow, December 1st has arrived!

Let's dive into day one, but first let's commit to our movement practice for the next 25 days!

How do we do that?

We schedule it into our calendar and make a note. The beautiful thing about this challenge is that it is accessible-everyone has 5 minutes to commit to their health!

You can find the video on my you tube channel.

I have 3 variations to choose from- beginner, advanced beginner/intermediate and advanced.

Please-if you need any alternatives, write a comment and I'll be happy to make a recommendation. If none of these are an option, just sit up and down in a chair 25 times, just move.

Lastly, I'm known as the glute amnesia trainer-I'm constantly coaching my clients on how to engage through their glutes and not their quads (thighs). It's a conman muscular imbalance that needs constant mindfulness, so pay attention to keeping your glutes engaged and core strong.

Hugs, kale and squats,

Christine xo