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25 Days of Christmas 5 Minute Fitness Challenge-Day 2

Day 2 of your 25 Days of Christmas Challenge is posted!

I apologize in advance for both having to look at at Taro's butt (my shiba inu) and my crazy hair, but this is a day in the life of a busy working mom who is running around, cleaning, cooking, training and coaching clients;-) I'm by no-means a you-tube star with a full hair and make-up team...and that is ok;-)

I'm in the trenches just like all of you, juggling life, work, family and friends. My priorities are simple though-taking care of myself, my girls and Rob.

Their health and wellness is my TOP priority; home cooked, nourishing meals and packed lunches are a daily staple along with a consistent routine is what we all strive for each day. Consistency is the key word here.

Consistency + Daily Actions = Optimal Health

Teaching the girls the basics of a healthy lifestyle now will help them make better choices as they get older. Sure, are they going to eat pizza late at night studying for a final-sure! I hope they do-this is called balance and I encourage it. They know to make their next meal green at this point in the game!

A healthy lifestyle is all about checks and balances, eating well 80% of the time and saving 20% for life's simple pleasures;-)

Ok, enjoy your workout! Find it here.