5x5 5 Minute Fat Blasting Workout!

Forever fat-loss, longevity and vibrant health is simple, however we LOVE to over-complicate it with calorie counting, excessive exercise, deprivation and starvation.

That is SO 80's and SO outdated.

This antiquated information (calories in + calories out combined with crazy amounts of exercise) came about due to the birth of processed foods, fast food a.k.a, the industrialization of food.

Man started eating food from manufacturing plants and stopped eating plant based foods.

The rise of obesity, disease and the inability to lose stubborn belly fat wasn't an issue back in the dinosaur days. This is a modern day problem.


Our ancestors only ate an indigenous, whole food diet and their form of exercise was walking to forage for food and working within their communities in the form of physical labor, not a cycling class.

I'm by no means ragging on a spin class, my point is that as a society, we are now brainwashed to think that beating up our bodies 7 days a week in a gym and strict calorie counting is the only way to lose weight, prevent disease and feel amazing!

NOPE. Not even close.

Truth is, the body only needs a small amount of exercise to elicit a hormonal response to transform the body and lose fat!

The real magic comes from your SELF-CARE, 80% to be exact, while fitness accounts for about 20%.

  • Whole Foods Diet
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Stress management
  • Belief system
  • Water
  • Passion & Purpose
  • Community (you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with)
  • Personal and Professional Relationships

All of these variables balance the body, keeping it happy and whole.

That said, we are ALL extremely busy and we often put ourselves and our self care on the back-burner.

Whether you are new to exercise, a long time fitness enthusiast or just need to build a consistent movement practice, the best way is to start small.

And by small, I mean attainable!

We all have 5 minutes to move.

Commit to this 5 minute 5x5 workout and you''ll feel first hand the benefits that a 5 minute movement practice can bring! Not only that, in 5 minutes, you'll ignite your metabolism, by building muscle and eliciting a hormonal response which shuttles the body into fat-loss mode!

Please find your fitness and PLEASE modify these exercise where need be. Can't get that low in the spider, squat midway. Can't do a full push up? Use a chair or a wall? Can't do jumping jacks, eliminate the hop! Consistently move and you will build strength, day after day!

5x5x5 WORKOUT (can be done anywhere)


1.Do the following 5 exercise.

2 Do 5 repetitions of each exercise.

3. Do as many rounds of these exercises in a 5 minute countdown with little to no rest in between each set!

1. Spiders

2 Push ups


4. Squats

5. Jumping Jacks