From Excusitis to Automaticity: Action Steps!

I'm too tired. I'm not good enough. I don't have enough money. I don't have the discipline. I don't have the time. I'm too tired. I work too much. I have the worst luck. My shoelace broke. My cat vomited. It's too cold. I'm not a morning person.

Do you suffer from a bad case of excusitis? Chances are the answer is "yes" if you can't seem to reach a personal goal in your life.

Whatever that goal is, be it professional, relational, financial, health, even fat-loss, a serious case of excusitis may be preventing you from being the BEST version of you- in ALL areas of you r life.

If you want to achieve a GOAL, please understand there are simple & scientific steps to achieving ANYTHING.

I'll first start off with the good news. You have the ability to change!


Human beings and their behaviors are a collection of daily actions, REACTIONS and beliefs that dictate our day.

Perhaps it goes like this.

Melissa has a goal to lose a dress size for her wedding.

Melissa sets her alarm for 6:00 a.m to start walking everyday for 30 minutes.

Alarm goes off at 6:00.

She has been hitting snooze for the last 36 years every single day of her life.

So what happens at 6:00 a.m this morning...... she hit snooze again.

The pattern continues and Melissa can't seem to get out of bed because she has hard wired (and conditioned) her brain (automaticity) to hit snooze at 6:00 a.m every single day.

What happens next?

Melissa beats herself up, calling herself a failure and tells herself that she'll never amount to anything and never achieve her goal.

Yikes! Sound familiar?

Here are the facts.

You have the power to change. Behavioral changes take approximately 66 days to become a habit to create automaticity.

What is automaticity? It's the acquisition of a new skill and generally associated with a decrease in the need for effortful control over performance, leading to the development of a habit that is effortless!

So how do you develop this discipline of automaticity?

You have to exercise it daily for 66 days until you have rewired your neural pathways in your brain. For some people, it may require less but on average it takes about 66 days to "undo" an BAD habits and 66 days to create a new/better/healthier habit.

So how do you build the foundation? Here are my simple action steps that WORK, provided you do the following.

1. Pick ONE habit/goal and only one. When you focus on just one goal and then achieve it, it creates momentum and fosters a healthier self-esteem.

2. Reduce it to the ridiculous. If your goal is to start drinking half your body weight in ounces daily (one of the Burn's 12 core habits) and you drink none, start by just increasing your water by 2 cups everyday. Do this everyday and as the weeks pass, the habit will begin to build until you've reached your goal.

3. Be consistent and again, CHANGE one habit at a time. Don't bite off more than you can chew, you'll get overwhelmed and like GIVE UP. Baby-steps over the long haul yield monster gains that LAST for a lifetime. This my friends is a what we call a lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to make regular exercise a part of your life, quit smoking, STOP turning to sugar and food when you are bored, sad, angry are simply stuck in a holding pattern and not quite sure where to begin. If you need some clarity, motivation and direction, LIFESTYLE Coaching may just be what you are looking for. Contact me for your FREE 30 MINUTE Breakthrough Session to Get Started!

Break the cycle of your bad habits and start achieving your goals today!