March Into Mindfullness {lose weight, increase happiness, reduce pain}

  • Still suffering from losing that last 10 pounds?
  • Can't control your cravings?
  • Still binge eating?
  • Still having a hard time being consistent with fitness?
  • Having anxiety throughout the day?
  • Suffering from depression?
  • Feeling sad?
  • Aches and pains?

It's time to march into MARCH with MINDFULNESS. With spring just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start your mindfulness/relaxation journey!

Simply put, we are prehistoric peeps, living in a modern world; and truth be told, our bodies WILL never adapt to the stressors we are exposed to daily.

We are a complete system that sadly has been "compartmentalized" by modern medicine.

A quick success story....Last month, I just finished up a 30 day meditation challenge with one of my clients. She is 49, has a very big corporate job and three children. We upgraded, optimized and customized the perfect lifestyle plan to help your lose weight, sleep better and optimize her immune system. Within 3 months she went off 20 mg of zantac and her beta blocker. She committed to two daily walks for 20 minutes (it's all about the cumulative results) and two 15 minute strength training sessions per week. She added in 9 servings of rainbow foods daily and was hydrating properly. She lost 32 pounds and 36 inches in total!!! She still wanted to lose one more dress size, but her stress levels were keeping her cortisol levels elevated, causing a plateau in her progress. We spent our last 2 coaching sessions on implementing and mastering the LOVE BUCKET (Thrive habit)-she committed to nourishing 1 love bucket per week and a twice daily, 5 minute meditation practice. We didn't modify anything else-in 30 days, she lost another 9 pounds, just by keeping her cortisol at bay with daily mediation and hiking 1 hour weekly with her dog (this was her love bucket)

My point is...meditation is where it's at and where are all the smart, savvy people are taking their lives, health, happiness and mindset to the next level....

We are a sum of all of your bodily systems, and all of our lifestyle behaviors effect our system as a WHOLE unit.

That being said, our daily habits have a cascading effect on the entire body.

Sleep, movement, water, relaxation, a whole foods diet, toxic free living, and OUR daily thoughts all influence our ability to LOSE WEIGHT, BE HEALTHY and FEEL HAPPY!

  • Who wants to feel happy without medications that cause long term harm? Yes, please!
  • Who wants to lose weight without dieting? Yes, please!
  • Who wants to wake up in the morning, not dreading the day?
  • Who wants to feel calm and balanced?
  • Balance hormones?
  • Feel energetic?
  • Feel vibrant?
  • Prevent cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's?

You can. You will. You have the power. You just need to take action.

Please join me in this FREE 30-day challenge starting tomorrow, March 1st as we march into March mindfully by altering our chemistry through meditation!

GOAL & CHALLENGE: 30 Days of just TWO 5 minute daily meditation sessions.

HOW: It's easy! Just download the CALM app for FREE for 30 days. Get your earbuds and choose a meditation based on your personal needs. You can set the bar as low as just 5 minutes up to an hour!

Here’s the FREE 30-day Guest Pass!!!!


  • Reduces Stress.
  • Controls Anxiety.
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-Awareness To Prevent Binging & Mindless Eating
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss.
  • Can Generate Kindness.
  • May Help Fight Addictions
  • Helps with Anxiety & Depression
  • Supports Weight loss
  • Changes internal body chemistry
  • Can reduce chronic pain

SUPPORT: Follow me on my social media platforms for daily tips, tricks and support throughout this 30 day challenge!

  • (Bronze Medal) All I ask is for 5 minutes, twice daily
  • (Silver Medal) 10 minutes, twice daily
  • (Gold Medal) 15 minutes, twice daily

Let's hit the podium today!!!

Please join me in the awesome transformational journey-step outside your comfort zone...

With kindness,

Christine xo