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How To Live To 100 Without Medication!

I want to live 100. I want to be able to take long walks with my grandchildren (if I'm lucky enough to be graced with them). I want to be able to do a push up at 100, or bend over without tearing my ACL or pulling out my back.

I want to age with grace, without any medications or suffer from a debilitating disease. I want to be able to have conversations and have solid memory retention too.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, in America it sounds like a pipe dream-I get that.

The American way of life is one of the most destructive and health sabotaging lifestyles in the world.

According to CMS.GOV, the United States spent...WAIT FOR IT....$3.2 Trillion in healthcare in 2015 and that figure is going to continue to rise.

Doesn't that dollar amount stop and give you pause?

Do you think its normal to get sick and live on a plethora of medications?

Do you think that this is our rite of passage as humans?

Genes Load The Gun, Your Lifestyle Pulls The Trigger

I've extensively researched and studied the topics on ancestral nutrition, lifestyle and behavioral modifications and its impact on health and longevity.

The science of epigenetics (lifestyle behaviors & toxin exposure) and genetics (the loaded gun), has proven that our lifestyles have a tremendous impact on whether we will develop a debilitating disease and the rate at which we age.

That is such a powerful statement and for many Americans, a statement so bold they find it hard to believe with our nations current health crisis.

The good news is that there are societies that are incredibly healthy, ageing with grace and have the highest percentage of centenarians per capita.

The Blue Zones

The blue zones are 5 pockets of of the world where the healthiest people on the planet are living to 100, disease and medication free!

The Today Show featured a segment on this very topic that you can take a peak at when you have a chance.

The five blue zones are as follows:

  • The Italian island of Sardinia
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Loma Linda, California
  • Costa Rica's isolated Nicoya Peninsula
  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island

The Blue Zones attribute their amazing health and vitality to their strict adherence to a healthy lifestyle. It's that simple.

  • They eat a plant based.
  • They eat small amounts of meat.
  • They eat what is seasonal and local. No banana treas in Okinawa for example.
  • They walk and move around daily.
  • They socialize and belong to a community-they don't isolate themselves.
  • They live simple lives, free of stress.
  • They have hobbies and passions.
  • They get plenty of sleep and play time.
  • They get fresh air daily.
  • They don't smoke, eat processed foods and consume moderate amounts alcohol.
  • They have a purpose in life.
  • Family is first.

Sounds lovely, right?

It's All About The Lifestyle Baby

As a health and lifestyle coach and educator, it's my job to help my clients become more aware of how their lifestyle impacts their health and weight-loss goals.

So often people come to me out of a place of desperation, having tired everything and not seeing or feeling any different. After a thorough lifestyle evaluation and audit, the rebuilding and education starts.

We address everything from food to personal care products to the cookware you use to prepare a meal. We often overlook the toxin exposure from the make-up, deodorant and cookware we are exposed to on a daily basis. These chemicals impact our hormones and influence our genetics and how our genes are expressed, leading to accelerated aging and disease.

More often than not, people are so focused on looking a certain way that they are neglecting their health, not realizing that their health should be the #1 focus and priority.

When health (lifestyle) is the focus, the body will arrive at a natural set weight effortlessly.

In honor of the kick start to summer, my Kick Start Your Health Package is $ If you or someone you know is struggling with their health or wants to kick start their metabolism, honor them with the gift that keeps on giving-your health-it's the best investment you can make.

Yours in good health,

Christine xo