New Client Testimonial-Susan's Journey

My Journey with Christine and the Burn Method began a year ago. I had just quit my job and began a new position working from home and was working 11-12 hours a day, was traveling back and forth to Florida to aid in my father's care from a terminal disease, husband out of the country for months at a time, leaving most if not all of life's responsibilities on my shoulders, along with day to day issues we all face in life. Falling in despair struggling with chronic health issues over the last 20 years which have included congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, single functioning kidney, seizure disorder, and hypertension, to name just a few I had no energy and as if I was falling apart at age 50.

Despite compliance to a cardiac/renal diet and regular required exercise of walking/running at the track/treadmill/elliptical it just wasn’t working.

I came to my first class at the Burn Method and worked every muscle and felt exhilarated and proud that I could accomplish that class, I was hooked. I worked with Christine and she listened, advised and provided guidance regarding medications, eating habits, stressors, diet, and hydration. We worked together to set up goals to improve my life and daily living starting with the minute I wake up.

I discussed my goals with my Cardiologist who took bloodwork and had me track my heart rate and blood pressure for three months 10 minutes following exercise. We decreased a dose in medication (Vasotec) which is used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure in adults) that hasn’t been changed in over 15 years. I am no longer on this medication as I have been successfully weaned off. In addition, through diet, stress management, exercising at burn Method, and choosing better foods and hydration my diuretic (Torsemide) used to reduce extra fluid in the body caused by heart failure and kidney disease. That dose was decreased in half. I am ecstatic!!

My lab work was phenomenal. The best result improvements were my BUN and creatinine, which basically are indictors of kidney functioning. They were within normal range!!! I haven’t been within normal range in 10 years or so, and was told that I am aging and it's normal that kidney function with decline and only progress over time.

Today, following one year of 2-3 times a week of Christine's encouragement, support and guidance, I found a new life at 50. I have lost weight close to 11 pounds and toned up and gained muscle where I know it was looking for some improvement ☺ I have more peace, happiness, strength, confidence, energy and I couldn't have done this without her and these classes. My day starts with a new found energy, a smoothie, and stretching. I am eternally be grateful, as I feel whole as I continue to grow, change and be in the best shape and health that in 20 years. I am living my best life now!!

Thank you kindly Christine!

With love and friendship,

Susan M. Kennett Square, Pa