New Year, New You 2017 Programing!

Happy New Year Health Warriors!

I'm not a huge fan of NYE resolutions for the the mere fact that people tend to set lofty goals after a year of being sedentary and then flounder when they can't keep up with the goals they set for themselves.

By the end of January, the gyms begin to dwindle and the those same people lose faith in themselves and give up once again.

It's time to break the cycle.

Achieving amazing health is a journey with no designation-it's a lifestyle.

Daily Walks +Purposeful Exercise +Clean Food+ Self Care = An Amazing YOU!

I'm really excited to launch the Burn's 2017 Winter Programming! It's the perfect blend of all the fitness & therapeutic disciplines. I've combined physical therapy, barre, foam rolling, kettle bells, yoga, pilates, breath-work and intention setting all into one fun filled fitness practice.

Small Group Formats =Individualized Attention

Notice I say the word practice. Achieving a great fitness level takes two things: Consistency + Practice. Our work is never done. Our bodies are always craving variety and want to be challenged in different planes of motions and modalities. It loves to be shaken up!

So join me and our amazing members of our little community who want to live their best life!


BURN + BOX +FLOW 50 is a 50 minute holistic workout that incorporates Kick-Boxing, Kettle Bells & Yoga to ignite the metabolism, improve posture and flexibility while toning the entire body. BURN + BOX +FLOW 50 incorporates kick-boxing, yoga and the Burn Method's signature body-weight exercises in a METABOLIC INTERVAL TRAINING format that will melt body fat and De-stress the mind . Orthopedic stretching is peppered in rounding out this full body blast. All fitness levels welcome and modifications are always provided.

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Wednesdays 9:15 am


SLOW BURN + ROLLER FIT 50 incorporates Slow Burn exercises where we slow down the tempo and get deep into the belly of the muscle to maximum toning and firming. We also incorporate foam rolling and foam roller exercises into the class which help keep the muscles supple and healthy, while reducing your risk from injury. This class is like getting a massage and total body makeover all in one! All fitness levels welcome and modifications are always provided.

Thursday 7:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am


BURN BARRE + POWER FLOW 45 is a 45 minute class with a metabolic twist! You'll channel your inner ballerina’s to sculpt your booty, legs, core and arms with exercises inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates! We add in some sparkle and cardio tabata's for a complete total body workout that will chisel your body from your tiara to your toes. All fitness levels welcome and modifications are provided.

Sunday 9:00 am

Monday 9:00 am