Your Kitchen Is Your Pharmacy & A FREE Giveaway!

The key to vibrant health and a healthy, fit body is 80% diet and lifestyle and 20% fitness.

Americans have been programmed to achieve this backwards, emphasizing calorie counting, calories in/out and training it off at the gym. How exhausting and unsustainable!

It all starts and ends with real food. That's it. Sure, we have to pepper in some purposeful exercise, but all of your health and fat-loss results start with quality control and you being in charge with what your nourish your body with each and every day.

Think about that for second.

When you envision a healthy, vibrant person do you think that they nourished themselves with a Wawa Breakfast Burrito or a Vibrant Smoothie Bowl with antioxidant rich berries? How about a bag of pretzels or a ripe avocado? Are pretzels really classified as a food? Last I checked, food was supposed to support life, not deplete it.

We must all learn to cook and meal plan our way to better health and effortless fat loss. There is no amount of exercise, dieting or magic pill that will give you the sustainable results of amazing health and a lean body.

That said, fitness and nutrition doesn't have to be bland or lack flavor. Real food satisfies the WHOLE BODY on a molecular level, not just your emotions. Real food changes everything about you-everything from your thought patterns to the way you mange stress; yes, it is that powerful!

I get so excited about the benefits of Whole Foods and all of the remarkable LIFE & HEALTH transformations that each of my clients have had, that I had to share and entice those that still are on the fence about transforming their own lifestyle too.


Whether who are a yo-yo dieter, trying to manage a lifestyle disease or can't seem to lose weight regardless of your efforts, this 3 Day Reboot is a perfect introduction to a nutrient dense, real food diet. A plan that is chock full of vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals and everything in between that will transform your health, mood, energy and of course your waistline all without any deprivation or calorie counting.

Everyday my clients make me smile ,whether it is a text of their green smoothie or letting me know they just slipped into a pair of skinny jeans. I've see it all-everything from getting off of 23 medications to putting RA into remission, even losing over 30 inches of body-fat!?

Yes, check out these testimonials!

What's their secret? Nothing really, they are all eating real food now too and a little bit of self care peppered as well!

Yours in good health,

Christine xo