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Craving Crusher Mango Lassi-The anti-HANGRY Potion

If you regularly suffer from cravings, particularly sugar and starchy carbohydrates (which breaks down into sugar), it's VERY likely your body is fat/protein and/or mineral/vitamin deficient.

Both nutritional and emotional cravings are little nudges from your body that something is missing. Emotional cravings typically stem from boredom, stress, habit or learned childhood behaviors whereas hunger that erupts 1-2 hours after eating is likely a macro or micro-nutrient deficiency-HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I always conduct a FOOD experiment at the beginning of each of my coaching programs-all of my clients are amazed how much better and satisfied they feel after adding in HEALTHY dietary fat-so much so, that they can now go 4-6 hours between meals.

Remember, healthy fats DRIVE fat-loss, wheres pro-inflammatory fats, inhibit our ability to lose weight!

Here is one of my favorite summertime smoothies that has a BOATLOAD of whole foods nutrition-it will combat cravings, improve digestion, boost your mood and satisfy your sweet tooth all without sabotaging your health or your waistline.

  • Probiotics (full fat kefir)- boosts mood, immune health, flatten tummy and relives digestive stress
  • Healthy fats (full fat kefir)- supports mood, fat-loss, brain health, joint health, combats cravings and increases feelings of happiness and vitality
  • Antioxidants- (mango)-asthma prevention, cancer prevention, supports digestive health, supports healthy hair skin, nails and eyes.
  • Anti-inflammatory (ginger, mango)- improved liver function, disease prevention, improved digestion, increases antioxidant capacity in the body,

A word about FULL FAT dairy: Whole foods are always in tact-there's fat in there for a reason! You can't absorb the vitamins and minerals of food without fat-plus, when you remove fat, sugar and other junk is added, only to make you hungry and hangry again 1-2 hours later.


Serves:1 mama or 2 bambinos

The Goods

  • 1 cup PLAIN, FULL FAT ORGANIC KEFIR- these are my favorite brands 1 and 2, however if you can't locate it, just look for PLAIN & FULL FAT. They are found in the dairy department, next to the yogurt-check the -organic section too".
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried ginger or 1 inch fresh grated ginger *optional but makes it!


Blend. Rock. Roll.