Fit Body Treats & Snacks

Focus on weight-loss and you'll yo-yo diet for the rest of your life. Focus on your HEALTH and VITALITY and you'll lose weight without effort and arrive at your "natural set weight" in no time!

Over these past few weeks, I've been working one-on-one with some AMAZING women! In a matter of a week, after conducting a simple food experiment, adding in hydration and some vital nutrients, the feedback I get is quite amazing!

  • "I can't believe how delicious this is"
  • "I no longer think about food"
  • I'm not snacking anymore!"
  • I know you told me NOT to get on the scale, but.....I lost 10lbs in 4 weeks"
  • "My headaches are gone"
  • " My neck is no longer stiff"
  • "I no longer hit snooze 3 times"
  • "My pants are looser"
  • "I can't believe I'm eating like this and losing"

Please keep sending me your happy texts, they make MY day-more importantly I'm elated to support and educate my clients to become 100% liberated with food again, teaching them how to rewrite their own personal food story and ditch the dietary dogma that they've adopted over the years.

What's dietary dogma? You know, that food noise that the media and different foundations/organizations create to make boat loads of money at your expense.

Examples of dietary dogma include-

  • eat 6 small meals a day to balance blood sugar & lose weight
  • fat makes you fat
  • eat ton's of animal protein for fat-loss
  • dietary cholesterol drives heart disease
  • eggs are the devil
  • don't eat red meat, it causes cancer
  • breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • snacking balances blood sugar
  • eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body-weight
  • calories count
  • points count
  • you have to exercise like a maniac to lose weight
  • focus on calories in and calories out
  • eat three square meals and 2 snacks in between

You get the picture.

What diet dogma have you adopted?

What rules have you shackled to the never ending diet?


There's no one size fits all diet for the masses. Sure, it all begins and ends with real food, but we are all unique and have different macro needs. That said, one of the most common issues I see when I start working with someone is that they are extremely fat deficient and are eating too much hidden sugar.

Here are some of my favorite "fatty snacks" that bridge the gap on the days when you are more active or you just need a little pick me up!

Let me know what you think!

Fit Body Snacks

Try adding in these fatty snacks so you can start balancing your hormones to create the perfect environment for fat-loss!

Yours in health,

Christine xxo