Guilt Free 2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Covered Figs

Diets mean deprivation. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about checks and balances each and every day, for the rest of your life!

What is secret to fit cheats?

There are 2 simple rules to follow:

1. Keep it clean with quality control. The secret to eating decadent and dreamy treats is to make them yourself! Knowing what is in your food is key! All packaged and pre-boxed mixes and treats are made with PRO inflammatory ingredients such as refined flour, vegetable oils, processed sugar, chemicals, stabilizers and trans-fats to name a few! The body has NO idea what these foods are nor can it utilize them as a source of nourishment. As a result, insulin rises, belly fat is stored, joints ache, muscles hurt, cells age, skin becomes wrinkled, the brain and the body becomes inflamed and you just become ADDICTED! It's a viscous cycle.

2. Enjoy your treats throughout your week 10%-20% of the time. Eat clean 80%-90% of the time and enjoy these indulgences in reasonable portions during your week. Let's be honest though, a daily movement practice needs to be in place in order for this to work and have NO impact on your results. What is daily movement? Moving your body daily in some way shape or form that you ENJOY! Walking, yoga, strength classes, tennis, dancing, hiking, jumping rope etc. Combine this with 3 strength sessions weekly, and you'll have a metabolism that purrs like a kitten. It's really that simple.

Here's a super easy, last minute gift idea for a teacher, coach or loved one that will be a show stopper! The key is using dark chocolate that is 73% dark or more-this keeps the sugar low and antioxidants high!

Guilt Free 2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Covered Figs

  • 1 bag Unsulphured dried figs (nothing added-no sugar or oil) I bought these at Trader Joe's
  • 1 Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 73% Dark ( I used Trader Joe's)
  • Organic UNSWEETENED coconut flakes for topping (optional)


1. Melt chocolate in bowl in microwave for about 90-120 seconds.

2. Toss in figs to coat, place on a parchment lined cookie sheet and top with coconut.

3. Chill in refrigerator.

Serving size: 2-3 figs!

  • Organic Turkish Figs!

Organic Dried Figs!

Fit cheats!