Anonymous: Improved Health + Family's Health

I am a long-time vegetarian and came to the Burn Method because I was diagnosed with pre-menopause at the age of 35 and I wanted to try to balance my hormones with diet. I always knew that my diet was overly skewed towards pasta and bread and these food choices could use improvement. I always tried my best to eat healthy, and local – and always organic, but sometimes that still meant processed and packaged foods. I learned from Christine that food can throw hormones out of balance and that there were many food choices that I could make that would help me in the long-term like minimizing grains and sugar and replacing them with more nutrient-dense food. The best thing about working with Christine was that she provided daily feedback and support via email and I could ask her as many questions as I needed to. She always was helpful and supportive, in a kind and nonjudgmental way. She taught me ways to add more raw foods into my diet, provided recipes, and created really great food habits like my daily green smoothie! She also offered smart ways to satisfy sweet cravings. I also learned so much about the way digestion works and what my plate should look like for optimal health. The tips I learned from her have not only had a positive influence on me, but also on my family’s! I highly recommend working with Christine for your nutritional needs.

DChadds Ford, Pa