Berta's Journey: Combatted Sugar Cravings + Imroved Bloodwork +Fat-Loss

Initially I went to Christine to lose weight. I had been to a popular diet program and eating prepackaged food but found that I was hungry all the time. Christine showed me very graphically what I was actually eating in those prepared foods – too much sugar and carbs. No wonder I was hungry. I have had an interest in the effect of food on the body for most of my adult life. What I have learned from Christine has blown me away. We can eat delicious satisfying foods and still be healthy and fit if we are willing to change the way we eat. At first I was anxious and resistant but Christine’s passion to educate provided me with the science behind her ideas when I was skeptical. My cravings disappeared. Six months into my journey with the way of eating I had learned from Christine, I had unbelievable results in a lipid panel (cholesterol, etc.) My cardiologist was astounded that my triglycerides, HDLs and LDLs had dropped or risen to their optimal levels and asked what I was doing! After only a couple of months I also noticed a loss of belly fat – it seemed as though my body was changing in shape if not weight. I have embraced these changes and am now confident in my food choices. It is such a pleasure for me to experiment, create new recipes and most of all, eat delicious food.

Berta Rains. Unionville, Pa