Denise Carroll Garnet Valley, Pa

I’ve always been a pretty active adult – I ran a couple of marathons, many 10Ks, 5Ks, and did a 50-mile bike event. I’ve done kickboxing and regular boxing classes. I did P90X, P90X2, and weightlifting. As a younger adult I never had issue with my weight. As I entered my mid-30’s, I noticed that I wasn’t able to run as far without my back giving out. As I approached my 50’s, I noticed tendon pain and tight shoulders and neck from burpees, weightlifting, and working at a desk all day. I tried to eat well, but didn’t realize that the “healthy” foods I was eating were actually hurting me. At 50, I had come to accept my weight and pain as the new normal.I was introduced to Christine by a friend back in 2012 when she had her Skinny Jeans Reboot class. I found her approach to food and exercise intriguing and it resonated with me. I did the 7-day Reboot and then continued my normal way of eating and working out, but with a little more knowledge under my belt. A couple years later when I learned she was having another detox class, I immediately signed up. I did the Ayurvedic detox and saw and felt the results of my efforts. I was “good” for a bit, but fell into my old ways again with summer umbrella drinks, fall pumpkin spice lattes and December Peppermint mochas. By the New Year, I was back to my “normal” weight again and shocked at how my pictures looked on FB. Christine ran a New Year’s special for both her personal training and nutrition coaching. I signed up for both! I learned new ways of eating and working out (how can a quick HIIT of less than 20 minutes REALLY be a good workout???). I “fought” her on giving up dairy, but Christine asked me to “just try it” for a couple of weeks. Lo and behold, I felt a difference. After significantly reducing my dairy and gluten intake, I noticed a slimming of my belly! I gave up sugar for lent and then did the entire 21-day Hormone Reboot. By May, I felt great and looked great for the summer!FINALLY, after attending three of Christine’s workshops and having 2-months of nutritional coaching by her, I FINALLY made the food-body connection! I am still learning, but now I know that when my body doesn’t feel well, I need to evaluate what I had been eating or drinking. I have eliminated heavy lifting, long runs and lots of burpees from my workouts so I no longer have the tendon pain. I stand at work, rather than sit all day so my shoulders and back aren’t as tight. I now do yoga, functional training, HIITs, and an occasional short run but only when training for an event. I was amazed that I was able to complete a 5K and 5K mud-run with my new training regimen.I love that I don’t feel deprived when I’m eating clean. I don’t need afternoon naps when I eat clean. I don’t have bloating, but rather a flat belly when I eat clean. I have tried many of Christine’s recipes, which have made it to our family menu. And yes, I still occasionally enjoy pizza (good quality flour, no dairy, lots of veggies) at one of my favorite pizza places and it is oh so yummy. I still enjoy my Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but request less pumps of the pumpkin syrup and don’t have it quite so often (in past years, I used to have it almost daily). I actually don’t crave it as I used to in the past either.This is the first time that I have seen a significant and lasting weight loss in years! I had to buy new jeans (went from size 6/8 depending on if I was dieting or not to a size 4!) I have lost a good solid 10-15 lbs and have not seen the weight I am now at in over 10-years! My goal was a healthy lifestyle so I could enjoy an active retirement without pain. The bi-product of my efforts was the weight loss. Thank-you, Christine for your education, motivation, encouragement, and support!