Lee Schlingmann Coatsville, Pa

Who said you cannot teach an “old dog new tricks” As the way senior member of the pack, like 72 yes I said it, 72. This endeavor felt way out of my comfort zone. Christine is very careful to give differing levels for all during what we lovingly call Hell class. Cause guess what, survived and thrived This is not a one dimensional approach, Christine has taught us how to eat great food to fight inflammation and promote wellness. She has introduced new foods. What the heck is quinoa? ( Know now) and who would have thought that chia seeds of Chia pet fame could be such a super new addition to wellness. Well not to be forgotten, I joined the class at the beginning of Jan. So, the incredible bottom line is that in 90 days I have lOST 11 inches all over. Unbelievable… Thank you Christine!!!!! A bit of a step out of the comfort zone can really change your life.!!!I have so much more to learn. I can’t believe that I have a waist…..WAHOO

Lee Schlingmann, 72 Coatsville, Pa