Melissa's Journey: Lost 19 inches & 15 lb in 90 Days

Meet Melissa, a busy career woman in her early 50’s who was looking to lose weight, however, she ended up with GAINING so much more.

In 3 months on Thrive 9, Melissa:

  • lost 19 inches and 15 lb.
  • went from a size 8 to a 4
  • is calmer
  • more focused
  • more toned
  • reduced sugar cravings

Day 1

  • Chest 37
  • Waist 32
  • Hips 38
  • R Leg 23.5
  • L Leg 22.5
  • R Arm 12
  • L Arm 12

Day 90

  • Chest 33
  • Waist 29
  • Hips 34
  • R Leg 21
  • L Leg 20.5
  • R Arm 10
  • L Arm 10.5


What was your “WHY” to embark on your health & wellness journey with Thrive 9?

My WHY was to get back to being ME. I had a break up after 20 years and lost myself in the transition.

How many inches have you lost with Thrive 9?

19 inches!

What dress/pant size did you start with and what size are you now?

I was a tight 6, mostly 8. Now mostly 4.

How long did it take you to reach your goal-slow and steady wins the race?

6 months

What is the most valuable piece of info you’ve learned with Thrive 9?

1) Be open-minded about new ideas and approaches. Obviously what I was doing wasn’t working for me.

2) Wellness is so much more than food and exercise.

What does a typical Thrive 9 day look for you food wise now?

Coffee, greens, eggs, veggies, big salad, green smoothie, chicken, potatoes, veggies, some fruit.

Have you established a morning routine?

Mostly but working on refining it.

Have you established a regular fitness practice? If so, what have you changed or added?

Yes. I added yoga which I love!

How do you look at food now? What is the biggest takeaway you’ve learned through Thrive 9?

I look at all the benefits that food has to fuel my mind and body. My biggest takeaway is to EAT WHOLE, REAL FOODS.

What other improvements besides fat-loss have you seen on in your overall health?

My mind is clearer. I am calmer and more focused.

What is the biggest diet & exercise myth that Thrive9 busted for you?

The biggest myth was that you need to eat breakfast. I feel so much better doing more of an intermittent fast. Another myth was that I needed so much fuel when running. I actually need very little.

How did you reach your goals and how compliant and consistent were you?

I followed Christine’s plan and was very compliant and consistent. I went into the plan with the mindset that what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to follow her plan.

Do you love to workout & eat whole foods now?


Do you count calories or measure your food?

Nope. I am aware of portions sizes and what works for me.