Meredith's Journey: Ditched GERD Medications + 15 lb Lost

At the end of last summer, inspired by Mark Bittman’s New York Times articles about curing his life-long acid reflux by eliminating dairy from his diet, I made the decision to stop taking the PPI drugs that my gastroenterologist seemed content for me to take for the rest of my life. Following in Mark’s footsteps, I also stopped eating all things dairy, but unlike Mr. Bittman, I was not having a miraculous recovery from GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). Still suffering all the symptoms, I was struggling to find my way when by chance someone mentioned that she had started working with a health coach for nutritional guidance. I wrote Christine a desperate email, and thankfully she had time in her schedule to squeeze me in.

Within days of our first session, my most aggressive symptoms had abated; within weeks I was having very few symptoms at all; and in fewer than the planned six-months, my diet (and life!) have been completely transformed.

Not only did I discover the food trigger that was causing me so much trouble (soy!), but I also learned exactly why many of the other dietary choices I had been making were counterproductive to my health and the health of my family. Today, I am taking literally NO DRUGS for GERD, and I feel great. I lost the nagging 15 pounds that had lingered after having my children, and I am exercising more regularly (and with Christine’s guidance, more productively). I would recommend Christine’s program not just for those who want to lose weight (as that was not my original intention), but for anyone who wants to learn how to take control of her health.

Thanks, Christine!

Meredith R., West Chester, Pa-Working mother of 2, wife