Michele's Jouney: 25 lb. down & 20 inches lost and pregnant!

At @mythrive9 we honor every milestone, obstacle and wins that we achieve! Thrive 9 has nothing to with “dieting” or deprivation. We have a tendency to OVER-COMPLICATE the process of losing weight! This isn’t your fault that you are frustrated and confused about how to begin and where to start. Thank the media and the trillion-dollar fitness and weight-loss industry for that-it’s overwhelming, I know. Why not focus on your health instead, because when are health-centered, you WILL arrive at your natural set weight with little to no effort…Just like this young lady below!

Thrive 9 advocates UPGRADING & MICRO-TWEAKING your existing lifestyle at your own pace.

This person holds a special place in my heart -she’s come SO far in such a short amount of time and she says…”I’m NOT done yet”!

This beautiful #thrive9er has lost 25 lbs and 20 inches!! Think about that! Wow!! Here are her own words on how she started to @mythrive9 ….. When I was a child and in my mid-twenties, I constantly ate prepared foods and restaurant meals. I was able to balance that with grueling, hour-long sweat sessions at the gym. Once I started working at a desk all day, I no longer had time for exercise, and as I never learned to cook, I ate out consistently. Before I knew it, I had gained fifty pounds. I tried everything to get the weight off. Weight Watchers, diet delivery food, and at one point I even had a chef come to my home to prepare weeknight dinners for me. But, as I didn’t know how to cook properly for myself, I was still stuck on the diet carousel. Eight months ago, I gave myself the gift of health and became Thrive 9 client. I signed up for Christine’s nutrition services and started attending her workout classes. I had never even cut an avocado! Christine’s enthusiasm, patience, and support gave me the guts to get into my kitchen and actually cook. I utilized the Thrive 9 materials to gain skill and confidence, and now I regularly cook myself and my family healthy, wholesome meals. I eat the Thrive 9 foods 80 percent of the time and work out less than three hours a week. I’ve lost 25 pounds, over 20 inches, and I have never felt better.

and then a few months later.....this happened.....Michele became pregnant!

This time last year I was overweight, with minimal muscle tone, tired, moody and miserable, and heartbreaking infertility. I had no real idea how to cook as I had relied on convenience foods and takeout for over a decade while I was in a demanding career. After eight rounds of IVF to conceive our second baby, I was convinced that I would never get pregnant. I had all but given up and was considering taking out a second mortgage to enter into a six-figure surrogate contract.

I started working with Christine after reading about her online. She used terms such as “hormone disruption” and “inflammation” and said she can help people combat both. I started following her program in August, had lost over twenty inches and twenty-five pounds by November, and became pregnant in March.

Christine breaks her program down step by step, so the changes don’t come across as challenges. Each step fit seamlessly into my lifestyle. Within a few weeks, I was cooking whole, nutritious foods for my family for the first time ever, had a constant energy level throughout the day, was consistently happy and pleasant, and sleeping soundly at night.

Because of Christine, I was able to achieve my dream of having another child, and can now bless my family with a healthy lifestyle, an energetic mom, and a harmonious home. She truly changed the path of my life.

Thank you, Christine!

Focus on your health and the rest will follow suit!

Mid-Thrive 9


Before Thrive 9

Before Thrive 9

Mid Thrive 9

Mid Thrive 9