Nanette Tabak, East Marlborough Township, PA Mom, Wife, Teacher

I have been practicing a (fairly) healthy lifestyle for years, using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management to achieve personal goals and goals that positively impact my family. I have believed “you are what you eat” and what you practice for quite some time. However, it was not until I began working with Christine that my understanding and practice of these assertions evolved to its current level of sophistication .My previous knowledge of nutrition and exercise was fairly good. Christine’s knowledge of these is incredible, and she imparts it to her clients in a matter of fact, easily understood manner. Christine knows the ins and outs and where to tweak for maximum benefit, making the execution of newly acquired knowledge and skills simple, easy and effective. She is also educated in the most current sciences behind a whole person approach to lifestyle and light years ahead of most practitioners.

Christine has helped me to take my lifestyle management to a whole new level. I have worked with her both privately and in a group setting. She will never require from you more than you are able to give- you may just not know your own capabilities. Christine will push you to push yourself through both exercise and nutrition, but she will do it in a supporting, understanding and effective manner. You will be happy with the results- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everything is connected. Christine’s Burn Method class has become a community for me. A holistic coach, Christine has imparted to me the enough knowledge to manage my life in a healthier manner and I have reached many goals. However, I continue to attend class as I believe life and the body are dynamic and we are constantly evolving and becoming better versions of ourselves. On the occasion I am unable to attend, I truly miss class. I miss Christine, my fellow members and how great I feel afterward. If you are looking to move forward toward your goals of optimal health, Christine can help you reach them.