Nicole's Journey: 20 lb lost + Size 14--> 8

For over a decade, I have been unhappy with my weight, but as I was stuffing my face with super unhealthy food, I told myself that I could take off the weight. This was something I have been telling myself over a long period of time. I never set a timeline or ate better for that matter. In 2006 I had two miscarriages and depression along with lots of emotional eating followed. I then had two wonderful and successful pregnancies with weight that I never took off before and after any of the pregnancies. I was slim, once upon a time. I WAS an emotional eater.

I hesitated signing up for Christine’s health coaching because I did not think that I had enough time to devote with my very busy and hectic schedule. She told me that most of her clients are in the same boat as myself as far as lack of time. Time management is something that I have learned in working with Christine.

When I finally contacted Christine, I was achy, had plantar fasciitis, of which was incredibly painful. I felt sick from all of the garbage in my body, also known as food to some. I was always tired with no energy. I despised what I saw in the mirror. I hated walking around at the pool with my young children, in my bathing suit. I hated how I had to almost waddle in a swim suit because my thighs just rubbed together so much and was so self-conscious and embarrassed to be at a pool in front of other people, seeing this fat and unhealthy body.

Christine gave me the knowledge, confidence, encouragement, and motivation to make a total turn around in my lifestyle of living, eating and actually working out(of which I avoided until now.) She did not pressure, scold or make me feel guilty if I did not immediately try something that she recommended. I came around pretty quickly and learned to try her recommendations immediately and trust her judgement. Her method of helping you change your habits was painless and easy. No counting calories, no pressure. Christine was patient and kind.

Christine has taught me that how I feel and what I may ‘crave’ is a direct reflection upon what I have eaten and also how I may have slept. She has taught me that eating healthy can still be yummy and filling. I still enjoy my extra dark chocolate and chocolate mousse(non-dairy). The recipes she shared were delicious and easy as well as filling. I do not crave food anymore. I do not go through my hypoglycemic spells. I often forget to have a snack because my body is not asking for one. I am most certainly not starving myself. Eating is actually fun. My colleagues are curious as to what neat salad or item I have brought to lunch each day. Christine has supplied me with great arsenal of information, of which I continually build upon.

In six months, I have lost over twenty pounds and went from a size 14 to an 8. Wow! I cannot ever remember ever being in an 8. I weigh less that what I did in 1999. I am still using and building upon Christine’s wonderful coaching skills. I have reached my goal and I also want to keep working. Since I have ‘graduated,’ I am able to maintain my weight as well as continue losing.

Nicole Hoinowski. 36, Teacher & Mother of 2