Rebecca's Journey: Full Remission Rheumatoid Arthritis +Weight Loss

I first met Christine and joined The Burn Method in January of 2015. At that time, I had been suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and depression for the past three years. A recent medication change had made me pain free, but I was still dealing with the many side effects of the medications, including slow metabolism, weight gain, chronic stress, and fatigue.

From my first phone conversation with Christine, I knew she was what I had been searching for. I had been to many doctors and even a nutritionist, and none of them could help me get my health and fitness back. I had always eaten very "healthy" and exercised when I wasn't in pain. The doctors all wanted to treat my symptoms without getting to the root cause of why I was suffering from this auto immune disease. Christine's approach was not just about exercise, she also includes emotional health and nutrition, which I now know are even more important! This was exactly what I was looking for so I could not only be healthy but get my life back on track as well!

Christine's wealth of knowledge as well as her sincere desire to help people improve their lives was clear to me from the beginning. She helped me not only loose weight and get fit again, she also gave me the tools and encouragement to take better care of myself emotionally and physically. With her guidance, I was able to heal the cause of my autoimmune disease and get off all medication! I immediately began loosing weight and regained the fitness that my profession as a horse trainer requires.

Once I began following Christine's program, not only did my health and fitness drastically improve, but the rest of my life did too. I was happier and more confident then I had been in a long time. Taking her advice of "filling my love buckets", brought positive changes for me. I was offered an exciting new job. Unfortunately, this new job meant moving out of the area and I was no longer able to attend Christine's classes. But, I took what I learned with me and continued the healthy lifestyle she had taught me. I have been completely pain free with no medications for almost two years and my RA is in full remission all because of Christine.

Meeting Christine and joining The Burn Method was life changing for me and I am forever grateful for the gifts she gave me.

Rebecca Cord