Renee Binkley Kennett Square, Pa

I had tried all kinds of diets, from Jenny Craig to fad diets to extreme caloric deprivation. None of them were healthy and none of them worked long-term. I was a noncompetitive runner for many years, which kept things in check until my early forties when I hit peri-menopause. My weight started ballooning, not to mention high blood pressure and cholesterol. I lost my confidence and struggled with depression. Little did I know that the solution lived right next door. Christine and I have been neighbors for seven years. We would talk from time to time and see each other socially. I knew she did some health and fitness training but really didn’t know much about what she REALLY did. She is very fit and healthy, and I think I was a little intimidated that her clients were probably mostly fitness buffs and younger than I (I’m in my 50’s). Then one day she posted on Facebook that she was hearing that people were intimidated, and that there was no reason to be. Shortly after, I contacted Christine and signed up for “The Burn Method” program. I thought it might be expensive. It’s not, and the alternative was continuing health problems and a shortened life. I really couldn’t afford not to. Wow! That’s all I can say. First of all, the people in the exercise classes were just like me, people who had struggled with weight and making healthy food choices. Fast forward 2 ½ months and I am down over 20 lbs and a couple of sizes, but most of all I feel fantastic and strong. The program is all about changing your habits for good with a lot of focus on a healthy diet, 90% diet/10% fitness. The fitness program works the entire body instead of targeting one muscle group at a time. Every class is different, fun, and includes high intensity interval training, as well as strength training. It is obvious that Christine truly cares about her clients and wants everyone to succeed. She pushes me, and that is what I need. The fact that she cares so much makes me even more motivated. Christine’s program has been a revelation. She has helped me get me “power” back. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! Love you Christine!

Renee Binkley. 52, Kennett Square, Pa