Sarah's Journey: Learned the 80/20 Protocol

Welcome to the "Gun Show"! Meet Sarah, a busy mom of two boys who's finally surrendered to the fact that you don't have exercise like a madwomen, give up treats and live a restricted lifestyle to get the results you are searching for.

Prior to working with me, Sarah was doing daily 1 hour workouts that were only focused on the posterior chain (the back of the body). As a result, her back was killing her and she had lost a significant amount of mobility and flexibility.

Now Sarah is eating more, exercising less and feel's so much better in her she's more defined, has greater ab definition and she's more than pleased with her results! Yeah Sarah-keep walking the talk!

Q & A With Sarah

How many Burn workouts do you do a week?

1-3, depending upon my schedule.

What do you do on your off days?

Christine has me focusing on getting in my "steps" and finding fitness in other areas such as walking and tennis to keep it fun!

Do you feel like you are dieting?

NO! I hit my Thrive 9 benchmarks daily and still enjoy my daily dark chocolate indulgences and love to have my cocktails. As long as I hit my THRIVE 9, I have plenty of flexibility.

What's the one thing that you learned during your coaching program?

That the old paradigm of calories in and out doesn't work. Christine has taught me that my body is a chemistry lab and you need to focus on the cellar level first. No meal plans or calorie counting-just focus on real food. I did have to give up some foods I was sensitive too initially, but now can eat them in moderation. I just Thrive 80% of the time on real food and leave 20% for planned indulgences!