Sarah's Journey: Reduced Inflammation + Hormonal Balance

Since my 20s, I have been a mindful eater. Very aware of the power of real food versus processed, organic versus non and listening to how my body feels after eating. My weight always stayed the same and went back to its pre-baby weight after both pregnancies fairly easy. When I turned 37, I developed an autoimmune disease called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). The lining of my bladder lacks certain enzymes that communicate with my brain when it is time to release. A major flare up is very painful and feels like a UTI. I discovered moving to Switzerland years ago, that I did not need medication for this, but was advised to cut out gluten. This helped tremulously for a couple of years. This past Spring, now 42 and back in the States, my IC started flaring up again and I also developed Vitiligo which is another autoimmune disease. My diet hadn’t changed too much but my body started to feel inflamed and I had an extra 5 pounds that seemed to never go away.

I met Christine this Summer and after talking to her about functional nutrition, I realized that not only does she know her stuff, but what I thought was working for me before, might not be working anymore. Christine taught me that our bodies are an ever changing vessel (especially as a woman) that evolves and if we do not listen to it is messages (aka symptoms) properly, we can’t help and heal it. Christine’s approach to my case, was individualized, sincere and not hard to understand or incorporate into my busy life as a mom of two. With in 10 days I lost 5 pounds of inflammation and my IC has started to calm down after a couple of weeks. I eat more healthy fats, drink less caffeine and have more energy throughout my day. The supplements she has me on have benefit not only my body, but my skin, hair and menstrual symptoms. More importantly, I have learn which foods cause inflammation in my body. When I eat something out of her personalized plan, I notice an immediate physical response. Following her lead, I now feel more connected to my body and I know I am healing it with a nutritiously dense diet and not with medication!

I cannot recommend her enough and I have already to many friends. Thank you my love!